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Home Remedy : Strengthening the Liver by Massage

I have been strengthening my liver by two kinds of self-massage.

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1. Liver Massage Method (1) - By Hand -
2. Liver Massage Method (2) - By Stomach Muscles -
3. The Reason for Liver Massage
4. History of Liver Examination Values and Medication
5. Effect through the Present

1. Liver Massage Method (1) - By Hand -

Liver Massage

I use two methods for liver massage.
They are "by hand" and "by stomach muscles".
The hand massage procedure is as follows:

(1) Place one hand under the liver, and move it gently up and down. Or put one hand on the liver, and move it gently right and left.

(2) Moving the liver with the dominant hand and placing the other hand atop it prevents tiredness. You can use only one hand once you have become accustomed to the technique.

(3) Make the massage motion about 50 times respectively both up and down and right and left, for a total of about 100 times.

In my case, pain occurred in the left part of the liver when I massage it up and down. The pain is occurring still now. So I think whether the pain is caused from a root defect of the liver.

I had the unfortunate experience of too vigorously massaging the upper part of my nose between my eyes to improve the dryness of my eyes, resulting in a small lump of fat.
Therefore, to avoid similar problems of the blood vessel being damaged, I have gently massaged by hand.
Together with the hand massage I have been using the massage by stomach muscles, which is difficult to execute but not as vigorous.

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2. Liver Massage Method (2) - By Stomach Muscles -

Liver Massage by Stomach MusclesThis massage for the liver uses the stomach muscles.

(1) Lie on the back with the knees up. Open the knees at a right angle. Refer to the figures in the small circles in the diagram to the right.

(2) Turn the left knee down toward the floor while maintaining the right angle, so that the right knee turns to compensate. The body should be inclined at a 45-degree angle from the floor. You can maintain the inclination by using the left knee. If this is difficult, you can use also the both arms for support.

(3) Breathe lightly, allowing the chest to swell.

(4) Holding the breath, cause the belly to swell by using the stomach muscles.

(5) Holding the breath, cause the belly to indent by using the stomach muscles. The liver is moved or massaged by steps (4) and (5).

(6) With the breath held, repeat steps (4) and (5) several times.

(7) Relax the movement of the stomach muscles, and breathe.

(8) Repeat steps (3) to (7) 10~20 times. The total number of sets of swelling the belly and moving it to a concave position should reach about 100.

In the inclined position of step (2), the liver is positioned directly above the movement of the stomach muscles, and the effect of the massaging motion on the liver is increased compared to when lying on the back, or to lying on the side.

With practice, you will be able to do the breathing of step (7) without relaxing the stomach muscles first.

Pain might occur in organs other than the liver because the massage movement of the stomach muscles moves the almost organs in the belly.

In my case, pain occurred in the left part of the liver. I could hardly continue the massage motion with more than 20 repetitions. The pain was gradually reduced by continuing the massage with the stomach muscles although I endured some discomfort for about one month.

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3. The Reason for Liver Massage

I suffer from familial hyperlipidemia. My total cholesterol value increases about 400mg/dL when not taking medication.

About 30 years ago, I was at first adamant about not taking the medication received from the hospital. This is because I thought that it would be difficult to recover from this illness since it resulted from heredity.

One doctor said that a run of high LDL cholesterol values was a cause of aging. This word, aging, gave me the motivation to maintain my health.

After making various considerations about this illness, I finally thought the following.
This illness was caused by familial hyperlipidemia, but the hyperlipidemia was not inherited. The weakness of the liver was inherited. This weakness is the source of the bad values in the liver function examination.
If I could improve the weak condition of the liver, I would recover from hyperlipidemia. I planned to restore my weak liver by massage.

At that time, I had already gained confidence in massage due to my success at not catching a cold. So, the thinking that I could restore the liver by massage was not anti-scientific in my mind.

The thinking mentioned above may be anti-medical thinking. However the examination values in the following table show that my efforts are rather effective.

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4. History of Liver Examination Values and Medication

In the following table, the liver function examination results( Table 1) over several years and the medications( Table 2) that I have taken are shown.

Concerning the function of each medication, please refer to the explanation linked to each medication.

Table 1. History of Liver Examination Values for 6 years

Inspection item/ year/month '06/05 '07/05 '08/05 '09/05 '10/05 '11/04
Total cholesterol(mg/dL) 263 246 263 205 248 222
LDL cholesterol(mg/dL) 178 171 178 124 156 138
HDL cholesterol(mg/dL) 50 45 62 57 63 64
G O T*( IU/L) 30 34 40 35 26 27
G P T**( IU/L) 25 27 39 32 26 24

*GOT : Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
**GPT : Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase

Table 2. History of My Medication for 6 years

medication name/ year/month '06/05 '07/05 '08/05 '09/05 '10/05 '11/04
Sinletal 1 2 1 - - -
Livalo 2 2 2 1 1 1
Epadel 2 2 2 2 1 2
Zetia - - 0.5 1 0.5 0.5
Isalon(stomach medication) 2 2 2 2 2 2

(The numbers in the table 2 are show the pill counts that I took.)

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5. Effect through the Present

I analyze the liver function numerical values as having improved overall though there are differences depending on the year.

Though I have been decreasing my dosage of the cholesterol-lowering medication, my LDL cholesterol values decreased every year, and my HDL cholesterol values rose.
The LDL value should be under 140 mg/dL; on the other hand, the HDL value should be higher than about 50 mg/dL, and the higher, the better.
Moreover, it is said that cholesterol medications lower the HDL value. However my HDL value rose.

These results demonstrate that my liver function is proceeding in the direction of improvement. From this result I think that the effect of the massage has been gradually borne out.

In my case, the pain due to liver massage by the stomach muscles has decreased greatly compared with the levels of several years ago.
It is also obvious that I hardly ever become tired due to exertion during my hobbies such as tennis or hiking, and also I have become less susceptible to the side effects of alcohol.
To my regret, examination methods to express numerically the matters " not tired " and " less susceptible to the side effects of alcohol " don't exist in the world. If they did, I could concretely express the effect of liver massage.

I would like to ask that a person who has familial hyperlipidemia and who has read this homepage to try liver massage.
It will be with great pleasure that I will report such a person's results of liver massage on this homepage.

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